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Metal Whiteboards Maps

Magnetic whiteboard maps for the dairy or office, with customised fridge magnets, are a popular option. They can be manufactured to 1200mm by an extended length. Farmers report that their main advantage is in assisting with day-to-day communication between staff. For this purpose, they are often displayed in the staff break room, where it is easy to write messages, record data and alert all staff to any safety issues.

In addition to creating a whiteboard with your property map we can provide a range of tables to sit beside the map.

An option for a self adhesive wall magnet whiteboard is a new product in our range from 2016. This printed, UV laminated metal impregnated overlay sits on a magnet base that is in turn placed on a backing board. It has the advantage that if a property layout is improved, a new overlay can be produced at significantly less cost than replacing a traditional metal whiteboard.

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