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Mapping Service

Every property we visit receives a customised mapping service. This includes location of titles, provision of aerial photos ready for mapping and the drawing of the farm map while sitting with a person who knows the property. We provide these maps as pdf files to print as you require. We will also provide A4 laminated copies — usually a farm map, a paddock map with the photo behind and maps with extra layers such as a map of the stock water system or an irrigation map.

Other Prints in a Range of Sizes

Farm Mapping Services prints maps in a range of sizes and specifications. Farmers can utilise black and white or colour maps, sizes from A4 to A0, maps with or without a background farm photo, small credit card size maps or large wall maps. Maps are laminated to preserve them. A set of laminated A4 farm maps can be bound into a booklet. 

Conversion for Inclusion in Farm Management Apps

Many of the farm management apps used on properties can use the map in our mapping format. Your data can be converted to most other formats for inclusion in any farm management program. Many property owners face difficulty in drawing accurate maps within these programs — we are happy to do this for you! In addition, our map in its easy read format will give you a quality A4-size pdf for printing or emailing.
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